Woman addicted to entering competitions has won £250,000 worth of prizes and has now given up work to fund her life through contests

Meet the mother-of-one who gave up full time employment to enter competitions full time- and has won £250,000 of prizes to date.

Diana (or Di) Coke, 40, from Brighton, enters 400 competitions a week and wins at least £15,000 worth of prizes a year, from TVs to holidays, enabling her to give up her job as a graphic designer.

Di has won more than 50 holidays in the last 17 years since she started entering competitions and has taken her husband Rob, 42, on amazing prize trips to Brazil, Spain and Japan.

Di refuses to buy items and has raked in a staggering £255,000 of prizes thanks to her competition addiction and she has no plans to stop.

Di, who is mother to four-year-old Ryland, said: ‘I have got to the stage when I can fund my life through entering competitions, which is amazing.

Di’s first big win was an all expenses paid trip to Iceland in 1997, which she won after entering a competition hosted by Smirnoff Ice Vodka.

Di said: ‘It was a fantastic trip and my first big win. It really gave me a taste for a winning lifestyle so I started entering more and more competitions.

‘I soon learnt the tips and tricks to win and it’s all about where people find the competitions and how much effort needs to be put in.

‘As a rule, it’s better to enter the competitions which take more time and effort as less people are likely to enter.

‘I’ve had Christmas sorted since the beginning of the year, and I have a huge stock pile of presents which I stash away all year round.’

Di spends around two hours a day entering competitions, which can be as simple as sharing a link on social media, or something more time consuming such as taking fun photos and she shares her experiences and tips on her blog, Superlucky.me.

Di will scour the internet finding competitions, as well as ringing up phone-ins, and filling out newspaper quizzes.

Over the past years Di has managed to win a whole host of electricals including five iPods, two Xboxes, two computers and three digital cameras, as well as three televisions in just this year alone.

Di’s biggest win was a £13,000 VW Beetle but she has also blagged all inclusive trips around the world to destinations such as Iceland, Japan, Paris, Antiga and Spain.

Di even managed to blag £7,500 cash which helped pay for her wedding as well as a flying lesson and Glastonbury tickets.

Di said: ‘My favourite competitions are the ones which my family can get involved in too. I like the competitions which my son Ryland can take part in, because it means I’m enjoying time with my family as well as having the chance to win a prize.

‘I am in the process of putting together an e-Book about how my hobby turned into my job and I want people to realise that entering competitions can really make a difference to their life.

‘Luckily, my husband has a good sense of humour when it comes to my comping and it makes life more exciting.’

Di said: ‘It’s a fabulous feeling to get the phone call to say you have won big.

‘I look forward to the postman turning up to see what he has for me in the post.

‘And it’s great that I can treat my family and friends as well. I’ve won three TVs this year and I happily gave one to my parents and one to my niece.

‘I have managed to kit out my whole house, get toys and clothes for my son and even take my family on amazing holiday every year, all for free.

‘All I need now is a new kitchen, so I’m working on a few competitions which will help me get one hopefully.

And it’s not just magazine competitions and Facebook giveaways, Di has won £10,000 from game shows over the years including Supermarket Sweep and the National Lottery Show, 1 vs 100.

Di said: ‘It’s such an exciting thing to do and I am totally addicted. Each win is fantastic and some of the prizes have been life-changing.

‘I want people to realise how easy it can be to win on competitions and how much fun it can be too.’

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